Web hosting Essentials: The many Forms of Internet hosting Services

Choosing web hosting services suitable for the type of website you own can be a little complicated especially if you have little idea about web hosts and the different types of servers available in the market. That is why it is important to study and learn all the necessary things about internet hosting, since the type of hosting service you choose will greatly affect your website and your business.

No matter how good the structure of your website and how stylish the web design, online users may still not like your site if you have a poor web host. Worse, it can’t be even properly accessed due to unreliable hosting. Internet hosting plans are costly especially for web servers built for business use so it is important to decide properly to avoid wasting money.

Before choosing a web service, you sfivem host hould first learn some basic information about hosting services and resources in order for you to understand and identify the appropriate service for your website. There are a lot of internet hosting services. Just learn the strong and weak points of some of the commonly used so you can compare them properly.

Shared web hosting is one of the most common services used by individual web owners. This type of hosting is very affordable; one reason why web owners prefer to share resources of a server with others. With shared hosting, you share the server and the resources like bandwidth and web space to other clients. Although it is affordable, it is also quite limited in features since you share the resources with other clients.

Dedicated hosting is also a popular service used by online users and business owners. In this type of hosting, you own the whole server and resources therefore the utilization of resources are not limited and you have higher security features since you are the only one who has access to the server and its control panel. However, this type of hosting is very expensive and you should have technical skills about servers to avoid additional expenses if you encounter problems with the server and the services.

Another common type of web hosting service is VPS or the Virtual Private Server. This is a collaboration of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. With VPS, clients use a dedicated server that is divided into numerous sub servers to form a multiple server.

Collocation is another type of hosting used by businesses and companies. With collocation hosting, the server and other equipments used for the services are stored and maintained in a data center facility specifically designed and built to accommodate servers and equipment.

Some web host clients create income by selling sub-accounts under their primary account, and this is known as reseller hosting. This type of hosting service allows clients to have a host for their websites in the form of another website owner that sells portion of its own account and resources provided by their hosting provider.

One of the main problems people face while preparing for a website is the task of choosing the right web host and web hosting package which will suit their particular needs. Firstly it’s important you understand what web hosting is, what different types there are and which type will be best for you. Below is an outline of the four main web hosting types to help you make the right choices without being oversold a web hosting package and any features you may never need.

After you have created your website you now want it to be seen by visitors on the world wide web, to do this you need your website files to be uploaded on to a server. A server is basically a computer which is connected to the internet 24/7/365. You can either buy or rent different amounts of web space to store your website files on it. Hosting packages are typically different by the amount of web space allocated, the speed, amount of databases, amount of websites you can host, amount of email accounts.

Now you have a better understanding of what web hosting is, it’s now important to know the difference between the four main types of web hosting available to you.

A quite popular kind of web hosting especially with students and small personal sites is free web hosting, which means you don’t have to pay for it! but as we all know nothing comes completely free. Companies which offer free hosting will generally require you to put some kind of advert on your website or link, this is a revenue stream for them which can actually make them a tidy profit. Having free hosting will limit the professionalism of your website and you also run the risk of a person browsing your site to leave by clicking on the advert. Other downsides of free hosting is that your site will probably be hosted on an older server, so you will undoubtably have more downtime issues. As always with free hosting you will have limited web space and bandwidth and will not get any technical support. Free hosting is a good option for small personal sites, students but if you are looking to build a professional and efficient web presence stay well clear.

Shared hosting is a paid hosting service where multiple sites are hosted on one server which is connected the internet. Each website has it’s own web space on the server to keep it separate from the other sites. Shared hosting is by far the most popular kind of hosting available and is most relevant to the majority of people who require web hosting. Shared hosting is the perfect choice for small to large business sites, personal sites, blogs and gallery sites.

Shared hosting is also the most economical way to host your website and is far better than free hosting. Shared hosting lets you have your own unique domain name attached to it and gives you access to many other services. You can expect features such as sending and receiving email, software installation such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc, databases, e-commerce features and fast, efficient technical support.

The have been many advancements over the last few years in both hardware and software technologies, especially in virtualization and have produced a very reliable type of web hosting known as virtual private / dedicated servers otherwise known as VPS or VDS. This kind of hosting refers to one physical server being partitioned off into separate, multiple virtual servers. Each of the virtual servers has the same appearance and features as having a dedicated server, it can run on it’s own operating system and also be independently rebooted. Virtual private / dedicated servers are a great choice for people who require more advanced features, without the cost of a full dedicated server.

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