Toenail Fungus Treatment – Can Essential Oils Help?

The Toenail Fungus Treatment can be had in many ways such as synthetic medications, natural home remedies and herbal remedies. Though many people believe that synthetic medicines of the modern days work well to cure toenail fungus, they are not convinced in these medicines. kerassentials is because of the fact that there are adverse side effects in these medicines. So there is a normal shifting over to home remedies or natural treatments to cure any type of diseases. For eliminating bodily ailments, natural ways are considered to be safer and more effective without causing side effects.

Fungal nail infection occurs in and around the tissues beneath the nail. Originating from beneath the nail, the infection has its comfortable bed close to the toe nail, and then spreads over to the entire finger. Nail fungal infection is tough to cure if it is not given proper care in the beginning stage itself. As the fungal infections are tough fighting, the ailment worsens the situation. Here is the description of two varieties of healing oils for toenail infection.

Tea tree Oil: The tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of an Australian tree of the genus Melaleuca alternifolia. The leaves of the tree yield oil that can be used for many herbal treatments. It is a powerful anti-fungal agent which is potent to cure all infections of the skin in the human body. It is insoluble in water and acts as a popular anti-fungal and antiseptic agent for curing infections fast. No wonder, the tea tree oil can cure nail infection when applied on a wet cotton wool to the infected area.

Lavender oil: It is another essential oil which looks colorless to yellow or greenish yellow with sweet perfume and bitter taste. It is distilled from fresh flower spikes of certain species of lavender. Being insoluble in water, it is used in perfumery and as a stimulant medicine. This oil can cure a variety of common ailments. The diluted or undiluted oil is a good antiseptic and pain reliever. Since it is an effective anti-bacterial and antiviral agent, it can cure toenail infection when applied topically on the infected area.

Either of these two oils can be applied onto the infected toenail regularly. The anti-bacterial effect is doubled when the two oils are mixed together in equal proportion. You can get rid of the ailment in about two or three weeks if you follow this home treatment for toenail infection.

If you feel sluggish to use these essential oils for toenail fungus cure, you have some

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