Powder Fire Extinguishers 101 – Uses of These Superior Fire-Fighting Tools

People love items that serve multiple purposes. In the kitchen, kitchen tools that can cut, dice, shred, and mix all at the same time are very popular in the market these days. Office equipment that can scan, print, and copy documents are widely used by many companies. Even furniture pieces that are both decorative and functional are also in-demand nowadays. It is not any different with fire extinguishers. Multi-purpose powder fire extinguisher is surely one of the most common types of extinguishers that you would see in many homes, offices and commercial areas as this can tackle the most number of fires.

Powder is a multi-purpose extinguishing agent that can tackle Class A, B, and C fires. Class A involves paper, wood, clothing, and other similar materials. Almost every home and office contains such materials in the form of documents, paper works, decorations, furniture (cabinet, drawers, racks, chairs, and tables), curtains, furnishings, carpets, and so many more. Water extinguishers can also put out Class A flames, however, you cannot use this type of extinguisher for any other kind of fire, which is why you would see that many home BUY JWH-018 POWDER ONLINE and business owners prefer powder than water.

Powder can also safely control flames caused by flammable liquids, which fall under the category of Class B. Class B flames usually involve chemicals such as petrol, diesel, oils, and solvents. If you have a business that makes use of such kinds of chemicals, this type of safety device would be of practical use to you. This extinguishing agent is also effective for combating Class C fires that originated from flammable gases such as methane, butane, and propane. Since this type of firefighting device can fight Classes A, B and C, powder extinguishers are also called ABC extinguishers.

These extinguishers have excellent firefighting capabilities. However, you should know that powder cannot penetrate into materials and therefore does not have an efficient cooling effect.. Because of this, there is the tendency for flames to re-ignite especially it has not been extinguished thoroughly. What you should do is to ensure complete extinguishing of the flames by repeatedly sweeping the extinguisher from side to side until it is completely out. It is also crucial to remember that inhalation of powder can be dangerous so you must avoid using the extinguisher in small and confined spaces.

It is very practical to own this kind of firefighting tool in your home or business area. However, you should remember that some types of fire could not be tackled by powder extinguisher. For example, electrical fires should be put out using CO2 extinguishers while a wet chemical fire extinguisher should be used for flames caused by grease and fat fryers. Just like most firefighting and safety devices, powder extinguishers are also widely available in many online stores that sell such products. See to it that you study about the ins and outs of online shopping so you can have a safe shopping activity when buying this type of extinguisher from the Internet.

Bennett Glover is a professional fire safety expert and consultant for commercial businesses to help promote fire safety and awareness in the UK area. He regularly writes articles to inform the general public about the safest ways of handling fires and how to prevent them in the first place. His knowledge and expertise has earned him many writing and speaking engagements. He enjoys teaching fire safety to students, business owners, and learning institutions to help save lives.

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