Muay Thai Vs Boxing – The Good Debate

For everyone developing up a boxing fan more than typically the final century, it absolutely was always a thrill to watch real power punchers. These people had been “warriors, inches in a position to end a bout using a single swift hit or pummel adversaries into oblivion using violent flurries. Sonny Liston, George Foreman and Mike Tyson are 3 names forever associated along with power and violence in the ring.

Throughout Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a swiftly growing alternative in order to boxing, Muay Thai has emerged while the discipline regarding decision for your modern “warrior, ” the particular modern Tysons associated with the globe. Rather of boxers, these kinds of warriors are regularly the most dreaded strikers in the sport.

Take those UFC, for example. Pouncing across weight sessions, we discover many famous knockout artists who use Muay Thai as their primary weapon. Kenny Florian is recognized intended for bloodying foes with lethal elbows. มวยพักยก77 turns heads with this Pit Bull mentality (and nickname) in the welterweight division Wanderlei Silva, devastating in typically the clinch, is amongst the most feared strikers ever in MMA and nowadays joins equally revered Anderson Silva in the middleweight division. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua has dispatched quite a few MMA legends together with his sheer aggression and strong Muay Thai combination’s. We all also can not forget Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos, a gladiator that has walked by way of typically the Strikeforce women’s lightweight division.

All this specific talk of battres and Muay Asian practitioners in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS currently begs the question: which will be the extra helpful style? Muay Thai fighters get our hearts racing yet do not elite boxers in MMA just like Vitor Belfort, BJ Penn and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira deserve just as a great deal praise?

Let’s breakdown the pros and cons of every discipline in an MMA context.

MUAY THAI: Benefits

A few MMA brass dispute that, simply because Muay Thai incorporates extra of the entire body, it really is far better suited to MMA compared to boxing is. Whereas boxers, naturally, carry out anything with their particular hands, Muay Thai fighters turn just about all their appendages directly into weapons. They will unleash punches yet also elbows, leg techinques ( higher plus low) and joints.

A prime example is Thiago Alves defeating Matt Hughes using a flying knee.

Yet another important benefit is its use of typically the clinch. In contrast to boxers, who tend to stay clear of it any time attacking, Muay Thailänder fighters can instill some of their very best harm any time clutching an adversary’s neck in the clinch. There’s possibly no a lot more famous example in MMA than Anderson Silva’s two defeats regarding Rich Franklin.


Whilst Muay Thai provides fighters a wider toolbox of attacks, boxing is perhaps a much more cerebral type associated with striking in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, as it depends much more on timing and is both equally helpful for offense and defense. Jabs are applied in order to maintain opponents from increasing and handle typically the pace of some sort of fight and battres are generally excellent at anticipating in addition to blocking enemy strikes.

Since they concentrate on their punches thus significantly, boxers could be more powerful when they do land a sq shot. Remember Kemudian Henderson’s devastating knockout of Michael Bisping at UFC one hundred? Henderson, a wrestler who uses boxing when standing, had taken his time, bending his right fist until the moment was proper in order to explode.


As elegant as Muay Thailänder is, it’s really offense-heavy. It focuses so significantly upon obliterating opponents of which it normally simply leaves fighters in susceptible positions as that they attack. Wanderlei Silva, for example, is a fearsome knight, but couple of competitors eat additional punches than he will. He’s so occupied going for a knockout that he does not feel to defend counter problems.


Even though boxing rewards the patient, any boxers throughout MMA who stay back on their very own heels too significantly may perhaps hurt by themselves together with the judges. Although flashy Thai competitors can score quick points with their particular aggression and rate, boxers who don’t have KO energy occasionally do not carry out sufficient to earn. Also, if opponents do close typically the gap on boxers, the boxers will be at a big downside. The key in this form of situation is to create very good dirty boxing, while Randy Couture features.


In the end, the most effective solution is to deploy a combination of Muay Asian and boxing skills. Kenny Florian will be among the ideal at doing therefore he keeps competitors at bay together with his sturdy jab and can instill a lot of harm if they find as well close.

The perfect MMA mma fighter may well be one who combines Muay Thai’s clinch operate and use involving knees and hand with boxing’s crisp punching and defensive duty.

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