Is there Any Difference Between Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers?

If you are up against the dilemma of choosing between an inkjet printer and a laser printer then you are not alone facing such a situation. In fact, most of the organizations and individuals have had to handle such situations and are continuing to do so. In any case, most of the customers of these printers operate under limitations pertaining to budgets, space, etc… But before you look into buying any printer you need to realise the operating costs associated with them.

If you are a home user , nor require printing many things at a time, an inkjet printer should suffice for you. Except for larger organizations where the needs of printing industrial inkjet printer. can be high, laser printers are more suitable. The main differences between these two types of printers can be based on their quality of printing, speed, networking and space facilities, technology behind their operation, etc.

Differences with regards to technology

The technology used in inkjet printers is straightforward really. Their components are also less expensive as compared to laser printers. While the black inkjets make use of cartridges that use black printer, the colored versions have two printer cartridges — this only uses black printer and the other one that uses all primary colors.

The laser printers on the other hand use complex technology for its operation. These printers make use of Toners to print images and text messages on different papers. Though h2o and powdered was initially used for this specific purpose, manufacturers are now using cartridges that can be easily refilled for further use.

The higher-end versions of laser printers come with networking features that will permit them to be associated with various computers. As a result of this feature, the costs involved in networking would be greatly reduced when compared to inkjet printers. Networking as a result is not easy in case of inkjet printers as they have to link via computers. Laser printers are cumbersome so because of this require more space as compared to inkjet printers. If space is your major consideration while buying a printer, pick the later type.

Differences with regards to Quality of print

The standard of print generated largely depends on the resolution numbers of the printer chosen by you. And in this regard, the laser type printers have a distinct edge over their inkjet counterparts. Because of higher resolution features, it’s possible for laser type printers to generate fonts without unnecessary edges. The standard of text messages, photos, banners, graphics are thus much better in laser printers as compared to inkjet printers.

Differences with regards to speed

Laser printers are way ahead to their inkjet counterparts when it comes to speed of printing objects. People who require to images materials in large quantities also choose the laser printers over the latter types. While the rates of speed of laser printers are measured in pages each and every minute, inkjet printer’s speed is measured in terms of their draft speed so because of this they are largely suitable for proofreading works.

Differences with regards to cost

Cost is another essential aspect that differentiates these two printer types. This facto can in turn be sub-divided into operating and initial costs. While initial costs associated with inkjet printers is low their maintenance costs is considerably higher. However in the case of laser printers the initial cost is higher than its maintenance costs.

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